games fat girls play.

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When I played sports in high school, coaches frequently spit clichés at us in response to our constant whining and complaining.  (Looking back if I was coaching a bunch of 16 year old girls more interested in tanning and prom than in passing the ball, I think I’d start spitting clichés if for no other reason that it would stop the expletives from falling out).  One of the clichés heard most was that “sports are 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental.”  The same can be said of weight loss and when I think back over all my failed weight loss attempts, it was never my body that physically failed.  My body has always responded to my behavior, which is controlled by my mind.  This made me start to re-examine all the mind games I’ve played with myself and that I know from lurking the internet that others have played as well. Continue Reading games fat girls play….


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