Hi!  I’m a 20-something professional in the DC Metro area trying to hang on and survive the weight loss journey.  I’ve spent the better part of my life worrying about my weight.  Some of this I’ll blame on my family for their obsession with weight and food.  The rest of it I’ll blame on me.  I’ve gained and lost the same weight for over 6 years now and am now teetering on the edge of the highest weight in my life.  I have gastrointestinal problems, sleeping problems, and my joints/muscles ache.  These should be my carefree years…not the beginning of years of medical problems!  Thanks for joining me as I take steps to improve my health, drop this pesky weight, and finally learn to love my body for what it is.



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  1. hey! found you listed on the fit bloggin’ attendees list. I unfortunately can’t come (all the way up in Canada), but I’m still trying to network a little and meet some new bloggers. my name’s amanda, btw, and you can find my blog at:
    It’s honestly such an awesome thing to find other people who are blogging about their health, happiness and weightloss journeys. it makes me feel less alone…and happy that I’m not the only one who wants to share it.
    good luck in 2010 :).

  2. scratch that…maybe I will go! Baltimore from Montreal is only 100$ roundtrip by bus. Maybe I will go!

  3. ps how are we not friends?! haha 🙂 i’m in the dc area too!

    • Yay for being hokies in the dc area (like there aren’t 5 mil of us here)!!! You’ll have to invite me to your party when you hit the next goal! Are you going to fitbloggin? Well have to meet up!

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