saying adios to february!

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February was a hard month.  No.  February was an impossible month.  Between the blizzard in the DC Metro area, work trips, illness, dental work, and on and on and on.  February was rough for me.  But you know what?  I lost 3.6lbs!!!  I could have used all those things as excuses.  I could have ended February heavier than when I started (which has been the trend as of late), but I didn’t!  More importantly, I learned that I can lose weight.  I learned that my body does work and I learned to trust it to do it’s thing when I am fueling it adequately.  So what contributed to my success?  


This decision was really hard for me.  I sat down and evaluated all of my weight-loss failures in the last year that have lead me to be 17lbs heavier than when I started the year.  I tried Jenny Craig.  I tried South Beach.  I tried a nutritionist.  I tried going it on my own, which resulted in actually starving myself.  I even tried WeightWatchers.  Each attempt crashdived into failure-ville.  The common denominator?  My lifestyle.  None of those things fit with my lifestyle and I wasn’t willing to make the changes that would lead to success.  Yes, I enjoy going out.  I enjoy having a few drinks after work with friends.  I enjoy picking and choosing what I’m going to eat based on how I feel that day.  I was brutally honest with myself.  I can’t do it alone right now.  I need the accountability and I need the cheerleader as much as I need the ability to make choices.  This is what led me back to WeightWatchers, with the promise that I’m not going to let POINTS values ruin my life, I’m going to make smaller changes each day so that it truly is a lifestyle change, and I’m going to commit to something new each week.


I joined the program at the end of February so my 3.6lb loss was a first week loss.  I kept lots of snacks around all week and actually ate them.  In fact, I found that I was eating smaller amounts several times a day instead of my no-breakfast-huge-lunch-no-snack-huge-dinner routine without really even noticing.  I kept carrots, applesauce, edamame, popcorn, apple slices, bananas, and crackers on hand at all times.  I never felt starved and I never felt full either.

Making Compromises

I knew that this would never work if I felt like I was punishing myself.  It just wouldn’t.  Why would force yourself to keep doing something that you hate?  So yeah, I still had that grilled steak caesar salad but I had them remove the fried onions, croutons, cheeses.  I still had buffalo wings at the bar one night, but I had diet coke instead of a beer and no appetizers.  I never felt deprived and really, I didn’t miss the beer or the fried onions.

Tonight is my weigh-in.  I ate out a lot more and ate into my weekly “flex” points.  I stayed on the plan though so let’s hope for a loss!


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